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Information about nickel-free belt buckles

Information about nickel-free belt buckles:

Belt buckles are not among those metal components, whose nickel content must be declared., as buckles do not normally come into direct contact with the skin.

However, we would like to address this subject and give customers who suffer from a nickel allergy all the information we currently have about the nickel content of our buckles.

We differentiate between 2 categories of nickel-free buckles:

a. Buckles which are completely nickel-free, marked in our shop as

Nickel-free 1

We use a test kit with a european norm (EN 12471) to establish whether our buckles contain nickel. If the test does not register any nickel content on the buckle´s surface, we nevertheless further test the underlying alloy and the basis material. If the test still does not register any nickel content we categorise the belt buckle as "nickel-free 1".

This test is extremely reliable. A minimal border line amount of nickel (0.5 micrograms per cm/2 of nickel-ions on the metal surface) can however not be detected. Only in highly seldom cases can people with a very strong nickel allergy develop a reaction.

The manufacturers of our buckles in the category "nickel-free 1" declare their buckles to be nickel-free.

b. Belt buckles with a very strong nickel-free alloy, marked in our shop as

Nickel-free 2

The surfaces of these belt buckles do not register any nickel content when tested. However, the basic underlying material(s) may contain nickel.

In case of a strong nickel allergy we recommend that customers do not choose a buckle from this category, as the nickel-free alloy could, in cases of extreme frequent use of due to other unfortunate circumstances, scratch and become damaged.

We hope that the above information  is of help when choosing a belt model. This information is not a legal requirement. We are dependant on the information we receive from manufacturers (and our own experience) and cannot therefore give a 100% medical guarantee as to the reliability of our categorisation. A very minimal risk may still be present for people with an extremely bad nickel allergy.

Our experience and the positive feedback from our customers has however shown that the nickel test we use is reliable. We have had very few reports about problems, and these were in the cases of people with extreme allergies who had chosen a buckle from the present category "nickel-free 2" before we differentialted between the two sorts, and had worn these directly touching the skin. As a result of this, we further developed the testing method and created the present 2 categories. After replacing the buckles with models from our category "nickel-free 1" the problems disappeared.

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